2017 IPC Snowboard World Cup finals Live Broadcast HD TV

Watch IPC Snowboard World Cup finals 2017 Live streams of major Para sport events (from Paralympic Games to World and regional Championships) will be posted here. Watch videos on demand on ParalympicSport.TV.Overall World Cup title will be up for grabs in five separate categories across both sciplines.Snowboard cross competition will take place tomorrow before banked slalom finals on Monday (March 13).This will also mark the first day of an International Olympic Committee Coordination Commission inspection to the South Korean County.

IPC Snowboard World Cup finals 2017 Live Streaming


The third end saw both teams playing take-outs throughout and unable to score two points to level the game. The fourth end saw Scotland get on the scoreboard after further pressure from Russia forced Neilson to play a hit-and-stay for the single point.

IPC Snowboard World Cup finals Live In the second half, Russia scored a single point in the fifth end and stole another single point in the sixth end. Scotland responded with a single point in the seventh end before being run out of stones in the eighthend, giving Russia the victory.Andrey Smirnov, Russia skip, said: “We played really well, didn’t make mistakes and played to the tactics we set before the game. That was how we won today.

IPC Snowboard World Cup finals Live “The most important thing is that we play well [in the gold medal game]. Both teams [Scotland and Norway] are very good teams and really pleasant people. It’s a pleasure to play with each of them so it doesn’t matter which one of them we play tomorrow.”Norway overcame a tight opening half to defeat China 6-3 in the other playoff game on Thursday. The two traded single point scores to sit level 2-2 at the break. The game changed dramatically in the fifth end when China third, Wei Liu, wrecked on a guard with a take-out attempt, IPC Snowboard World Cup finals Live giving Norway the opportunity to score three points and take a 5- 2 lead. The teams traded single point scores over the next two ends, before Norway ran China out of stones in the eighth end to hold on for the 6-3 victory.

IPC Snowboard World Cup finals Live Rune Lorentsen, Norway skip, said: “We came in very confident after winning three in a row. We won against Canada and USA. We changed skips to build a little more spirit into the team so everyone was getting a higher performance level. We changed back now to get even more.”The women’s SB-LL1 event is expected to be among the most exciting divisions.United States’ Brenna Huckaby and France’s Cecile Hernandez-Cervellon will go head-to-head across both events. IPC Snowboard World Cup finals Live An all Dutch battle could be on the line in the SB-LL2 women’s division as Lisa Buschoten locks horns with Bibian Mentel-Spee.US star Mike Minor has already secured the overall snowboard-cross SB-UL title, while Manuel Pozzerle of Italy is still within reach in the banked slalom Chris Vos and Mark Mann will expect to have a Dutch-American dual in the SB-LL1 event IPC Snowboard World Cup finals Live.