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6th Annual The Masters Agility Championship 2019 At Westminster Live Streaming

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6th Annual Masters Agility Championship Live Streaming

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6th annual masters agility championship 2019 Live
When: 10th February 2019,at 2:00 PM ET
TV: TNT and Univision
Studium:Emirates Stadium

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Agility dogs can achieve many titles. Our competition is open to those dogs that have achieved the higher titles and are therefore eligible to compete on a “Masters” level course. There will be 330 dogs entered in this competition.

Each dog will compete in two qualifying rounds consisting of a Standard Agility course and a Jumpers with Weaves course. The 12 dogs with the highest combined scores from each height class will move on to the “Championship Round” consisting of a total of 60 dogs. The Westminster Kennel Club donates $10,000 to honor the winner of the Masters Agility Championship. The donation will be given to the AKC training club where the winner is a member. If they are not a member of an AKC training club then the donation will go to the AKC Humane Fund.

All breeds are involved in agility as they offer 5 jump heights. The most popular breeds at this time are Shetland Sheepdogs, Belgian Tervurens, Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels and Papillons. All-American breeds (mixed breeds) are also eligible to compete. Dog agility is practiced as a sporting activity that demonstrates a handler and trainer’s skill in working with a dog on an obstacle course. The breed of dog may pose certain challenges in training and handling, but a competitor is not restricted as to type of dog. Therefore, dog agility is a sport for all dogs.Subscribers Now