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Cross Country Skiing Live Stream

2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, has already hogged the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The ban on Russian athletes followed by the low ticket sales has entirely overshadowed every fan’s attention on the actual games. Beyond all that, the only thing that can get things straight again is an exciting series of sporting events at the games, and Cross-Country Skiing is undoubtedly going to be the biggest hope of bringing in some interest to the games.

Cross country skiing Live Streaming


Cross country skiing Schedule

The Cross Country Skiing arena will be set ablaze with the Women’s Skiathlon on 10th February, followed by Men’s Skiathlon on 11th, Men’s and Women’s individual sprint classical on 13th, Women’s 10km Freestyle on 15th, Men’s 15km Freestyle on 16th, Women’s 4x5km relay on 17th, Men’s 5x10km relay on 18th, Men’s and Women’s Team Spring Freestyle on 21st, Men’s 50km mass start classical on 24th, and Women’s mass start classical on 25th of February.

Time, Date and Events

Date Time Event
10th February 2018 16:15 Women’s Skiathlon
11th February 2018 15:15 Men’s Skiathlon
13th February 2018 17:30 Men’s Individual Sprint classical
13th February 2018 20:00 Women’s Individual Sprint classical
15th February 2018 15:30 Women’s 10 km freestyle
16th February 2018 15:00 Men’s 15 km freestyle
17th February 2018 18:30 Women’s 4 x 5 km relay
18th February 2018 15:15 Men’s 4 x 10 km relay
21st February 2018 17:00 Men’s Team Sprint freestyle
21st February 2018 19:00 Women’s Team Sprint freestyle
24th February 2018 14:00 Men’s 50 km mass start classical
25th February 2018 15:15 Women’s 30 km mass start classical

Cross-Country Skiing has been a part of Winter Olympics ever since its inception in 1924. It has always been one of those disciplines which have the maximum number of medal events. This year too it will have one of the highest numbers of medal events, 12. In the last edition of Winter Games, Norway ran away as the clear winners last time with a medals tally of 5 gold, two silver, and four bronze. They have been the overall leaders on the all-time list as well and will be interesting to see if they get any strong challenge this time around. For that, you’ll need to know all the details of cross country skiing in this edition, and we’ve just got it covered for you.

Cross country skiing Live Stream

Cross Country Skiing will cover a significant part of Olympic’s live coverage by almost every channel. NBC will remain the primary live stream channel for Cross Country Skiing. Other live stream channels include beIN Sports, ITV, FOX, and Sky Sports. The fans of non-participating countries can live stream all the events through any VPN gateway available on the internet. For a guide on using VPN, refer one of the earlier articles published on our website.

How to watch Cross country skiing online

Just follow our links to watch Winter Olympics Cross country skiing live streaming in high quality from your home. Fans from any countries can watch the event without any lags and advertisements.

Note: Links will be updated during the event. Stay tuned or bookmark this page.

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The 12 events of Cross Country Skiing will take place at just one venue. All the events have been scheduled to take place between 10-25 February 2018 at the Alpensia Cross-Country Centre, Pyeongchang, South Korea. The tickets will be available for visiting fans from other countries on the official websites of their National Olympic Committee and authorized agencies.Subcribe Now