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Dillian Whyte vs. Dereck Chisora Live Streaming Full HD 2018

Watch Dillian Whyte vs Dereck Chisora 2 rematch on Thursday for December 22 on Sky Box office PPV at At London (Showtime):At the O2 Arena in London, England,on Saturday. rematch, 12 rounds, streaming free games on online. It’s is worldwide TV Channel coverage and no TV Streaming restrictions. So keep watching and enjoy your time..

Dillian Whyte vs. Dereck Chisora Live Fight

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Event;Dillian Whyte vs. Dereck Chisora
Division; rematch, 12 rounds, heavyweights
Date;(Dec 22),2018,3 p.m. ET,Main Event 5 p.m. ET
Location;at the O2 Arena in London, England, on Saturday
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Dillian Whyte vs. Dereck Chisora, Live Stream Game:(Pro  Boxing)
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By Scott Gilfoid: Eddie Hearn announced the Dillian Whyte vs. Dereck Chisora 2 rematch on Thursday for December 22 on Sky Box office PPV at the O2 Arena in London, England. There’s absolutely no surprise that Hearn announced the Whyte-Chisora 2 fight, because there was never any question that he wanted Chisora all along for Whyte. Hearn talked of having Luis Ortiz and Dominic Breazeale on standby for Whyte, but it’s clear that neither of those guys were seriously considered as backup options for Whyte. They’re both too talented to be backup options for a limited fighter like Whyte. The whole idea behind Hearn matching Whyte with Chisora is to make sure Dillian winds up facing Anthony Joshua on April 13. It’s highly unlikely that Chisora will get the decision against Whyte no matter how well he performs in my view.Whyte is facing Chisora so that it can help validate him in the eyes of the boxing fans before Hearn sticks him in with Anthony Joshua on April 13. Hearn has to do something to make Whyte look more appealing to the fan, because they have zero interest in seeing him in with Joshua AGAIN. The fans want to see Joshua fight WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder. Unfortunately, Hearn doesn’t want to make that fight. His flat fee offer of $15 million to Wilder is the clearest sign that he doesn’t want the fight. $15 million sounds like a lot to the average fan, but when you take in the possibility of the fight making $100 million, then you realize that Deontay is being offered an 85-15 split.

You can expect Whyte, Chisora and Hearn to go overboard with theatrics to try and build up this fight before the December 22 fight. We’ll likely see shoving, kiss attempts and possibly even wrestling before the two face each other again. The trash talking will be nonstop between Chisora and Whyte to try and interest the boxing public in seeing a fight that is no longer compelling.Subscribe Now