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Watch live Oscar awards 2017 nominee list, live stream, movies list: The Oscar awards are American twelve- monthly award event which is presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and science (A.M.P.A.S) to be familiar with worthy creations in United Nation Cinematic Industry which are renegotiated by Academy members voting. The winners from different categories are honored by an Oscar trophy known in common as Academy awards of merit. In 1929 the awards were firstly granted at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. The event is governed by A.M.P.A.S. For the first time in 1930 the event was aired on radio and in 1953 it was broadcasted on televisions and Nowadays it was telecasted live in more than 200 countries and watched online also.

The Main Event!
Date:Sunday, February 26, 2016
Venue:Dolby Theatre Hollywood,Los Angeles,California,U.S
Time: Live ET
Producer:Michael De Luca & Jennifer Todd



The Oscar awards event is the oldest one. The Emmy award for TV, the Tony awards for theater and the Grammy awards for music and recordings are similar to the Oscar awards but shaped after the Oscar awards. The major events of the show are tuned live on television, most probably in February or early March, six weeks after the declaration of the nominations. This is an extravagant gala of the show to invite guests for wandering on the red carpet, musical performances as a fashionable trend. Black tie is considered as a common outfit for men’s. There are seven types of annual award categories in which awards is being presented by the academy as in the categories are The Irving G.Thalberg Memorial Award, The Jean Hersolt Humanitarian Award, The Gordon E. Sawyer Award, The Academy scientific and The Technical Award, The awards for the technical achievement, the John A. Bonner Medal of Commendation and The Student Academy Awards.

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There are two more categories but in these categories, awards are not presented yearly. In 2004 Oscar Awards nominees have been declared to the public in January. The nominees are selected by the voting of the 5,783 members of the academy. Each member of the academy is further divided into the group of five members in different categories each one presenting different category of film making. There are several rules regarding the nomination procedure. According to the 2nd and 3rd rule in film production, the film must have to disclose in the last calendar year from mid-night till the end of the December and have to remain in the box-office for continuously seven days.

In the starting years of the award show, the award for the best direction was divided further into two different categories as in drama and Comedy and also the award for the best original score are divided into two categories as in Drama and comedy/musical. There are some current categories in which awards are presented in merit. From 1928categories as in Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor in a leading role, Best Actress in a leading role, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay).
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In 1936 Best actor in a supporting role, best actress in a supporting role. Best animated feature in 2001, bests animated short film in 1931, best film editing in 1934, best makeup and hairstyling, best sound editing in 1963. Best sound mixing in 1930 and many more categories. Now in 2017 the event is coming back with some best-nominated movies, songs, direction and production as till now the dates and nominations are not publicized but for sure soon you get the latest news about the featuring of the award show. So keep in touch as you get all information regarding the event what you want only on our website exclusively.

The very simple and gentle answer to this is that Yes! They do matter, a lot.Over 39.3 million audiences came up last year, just to observe that who carried Louis Vuitton dress elegantly in the field of fashion industry. It was the Gawkers who were sitting peacefully, just to see the ultimate winner for the Best Picture. One must keep this thing in mind that these glittery fashions, the Best Actress or Actor are not the things that are important or matter.
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The Oscar awards 2017 will be broadcasted in around 200 countries or even more than that. This is the reason why the small guys who have recently got nominated for these awards get the limelight, and this is the pure reason why this awards matter’s so much to them.

Most of the people have just worked on the back screen to make the movies successful. Don’t you think that they deserve some appreciation too? Yes! Of course, they do. It is the season of these Oscar awards 2017 that make these superstars shine out of their shadows. The people of this category are the cinematographers, the editors; the famous songs are written by wonderful songwriters and much more. It is only with these Oscar awards that these deserving people are given recognition worldwide, making them realize their worth as well.

We must not forget this thing that not every movie which is nominated for Oscar awards 2017 wins the ultimate title. But, not all people are after the gold statue. Getting nominated for the Oscar award is not at all a small thing, this is the reason why most people feel privileged when they get nominated for this award.
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Getting nominated for this Oscar Awards is a big thing. The main and ultimate reason behind this is that all the people want to work with the ones who are winners. Let us understand this thing with the help of an example. When a short film is nominated, people start to recognize it and at the same time pay respect towards it. With the help of this, the production houses would get capital on behalf of this recognition and people would invest much more in them whole heartedly. This would give rise to the jobs and distributors would sign for the future projects as well.

These Oscar awards give recognition to all the films, including the foreign films. There are some animators, who are not known much. A platform is provided to them as well to showcase their talent and cross the old boundaries.

The money collected from these Oscar awards 2017 is used for a good cause. Firstly, the revenue is used to provide education to the less fortunate ones. Secondly, the amount is donated to the institutions which are working for film making, so that new and bright blood indulges in the process of filmmaking. The funds are also donated to the film houses so that they make technological advancements and more innovations in the field of movie making. With the passages of years, everybody is aware that the movies are breaking all the previous records as far as technological innovations are concerned. How can one forget about the “The Life of Pi,” this was the movie which was breathtaking and people till now crave for it.

Oscar awards 2017 nominations

These Oscar awards 2017 are not just an award function. They are something big, or we can even say huge. They are helping the movie making departments by proving them with the funds so that there are much more advancements and innovations in the field of movie making technology. Helping the uneducated ones to get some knowledge and turning them into literates is very commendable. The final and the most important is that this award is encouraging the new blood to enter the world of cinema.