SheBelieves Cup USA vs France live stream Women’s Soccer  Live Stream for 2017 Friendly,The United States has played two out of three SheBelieves games now and they have one goal to show for it,How to Watch France vs USA live, free Search Results Live right here,Date: Tuesday, March 7.Time: 7 p.m. ET/Midnight GMT (Wednesday).TV Info: Fox Sports 1 (U.S.).


USA vs France Live Streaming

This match will be won or lost based on whichever team capitalizes on their transitions better. Both teams will look to neutralize each other in midfield and try to use the flanks or quick counters to find their way towards goal. Both the USWNT and France have left gaps in their defense that can be exploited by a quick break and that is where both coaches will be looking to exploit their opponent.

This was one of the more eagerly awaited matchups of the tournament as on any given day, both teams are able to beat each other. The last time these two teams met, the USWNT came out on top but the team has changed quite a bit from that time period and France are seemingly finding momentum again this year under Echouafni. A draw seems the likely outcome of this match and barring a bizarre error by either side, a draw seems like a feasible prediction to make.

France tend to struggle to score goals against the big teams, as shown with their 0-0 draw against Germany last time out so if the likes of Marie Laure-Delie and Eugénie Le Sommer can bring their club form to the big stage, France’s chances of winning this game will rank much higher. Having captain Wendie Renard ready to go at the back will also allow France to use their best defender against a very potent USWNT attack.Lastly.Given the time and space, Abily will find openings that most players do not see and her set piece delivery is one of the best in the world.Watch Now